The Winona Family YMCA is a great place to be to relax, exercise, and socialize.  The Y is a safe, secure place for children to be afterschool and when school is not in session.

They YMCA is a membership organization and a Winona Family YMCA membership is required to use our facility and participate in many, but not all, programs.   

We have a variety of memberships to choose from.   Children ages kindergarten and under are not required to have a membership.  Children whose parents have a membership are able to get reduced rates  on programs.  Click here for current membership rates.  Students attending one of the many colleges or universities are required to have  a current Winona Y membership.

If you are unable to afford a Y membership or programs, financial assistance is available

The YMCA is part of the Always Welcome At the YMCA program.   This program allows members to use their membership privileges at many YMCA’s throughout the United States and Canada.  We allow the use of our Y fourteen times before we ask for a membership to be purchased.

 Short-term memberships are available for those who are visiting the Winona area for an extended period of time.  Please contact Karen at the Service Counter.

Daily memberships are also available for purchase for Winona area residents who would like to try the Y.  The cost is $8.00 for youth grades 1-8, $10.00 for youth grades 9-12, $11.00 for adults, and $21.00 for family.  These memberships are limited to two per calendar year. 

YMCA Guest Policy

We appreciate our Members being ambassadors in the community and invite them to bring guests to the YMCA. Guests must register at either entrance. A photo ID is required along with completion of liability waiver and guest information card. Guests receive one free visit per year. After that, they will need to purchase a daily membership (maximum of two per year). A guest must be 18 years of age or older and the guest of an adult Member.

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