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Swim Lessons



YMCAs have been teaching people to swim for more than a century. In YMCA aquatics programs, children learn water safety skills and feel the sense of accomplishment that comes with learning something new. Kids and adults alike can develop lifelong skills from YMCA swim lessons that will help them stay healthy and safe.

$35 Member            $50 Nonmember

Session I: January 12-February 21
Session II: February 23-April 4
Session III: April 6-May 16

One 30 minute lesson per week for 6 weeks

 Parent Child 

4:30 PM Fridays* -OR- 10:30 am Saturday*

Level 1&2 Combined Class   10:00 am Saturdays*

Level 1  Pike/Eel
4:15 PM Thursdays* -OR- 8:15 am Saturdays**

Level 2  Ray/Star Fish
4:50 PM Thursdays* -OR- 8:50 am Saturdays**

Level 3  Polliwog
4:15 PM Tuesdays* -OR- 9:25 am Saturdays**

Level 4  Guppy
4:50 PM Tuesdays* -OR- 9:25 am Saturdays**

Level 5  Minnow
4:15 PM Mondays* -OR- 8:50 am Saturdays**

Level 6 Fish/Flying Fish
4:50 PM Mondays* -OR- 8:15 am Saturdays**

*Location: small pool. **Location: big pool.

 If unsure of level, please schedule an assessment by calling the YMCA.

Adult lessons available in 1, 3 and 7 session packages, please contact Member Services for more information on setting up sessions.


Parent Child (6 months-3 years) A first-time water experience. Parents are given guidance on how to develop their children’s abilities, a chance to explore a new environment and to build skills that add to their self-confidence. Both the parent and child will benefit from taking part in an     experience that lets them learn and have fun together in the   water.

Level 1 Pike/Eel Beginner: Kids learn to be more comfortable in the water by   putting their face in the water, floating, kicking, and intro to rhythmic breathing.

Level 2 Ray/Star Fish: Floating on front and back, front glide, kicking with floatation device, intro to rotary breathing, intro to front and back crawl, swimming without floatation device, intro to sitting and kneeling dives and treading water.

Level 3 Polliwogs: Floating (front and back), flutter kick, arm usage, rhythmic breathing, intro to more advanced back crawl.

Level 4 Guppies: Arm usage, rhythmic breathing with stroke, rhythmic breathing with stroke/kick, intro to treading water and diving.

Level 5 Minnows: Front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke, surface dive, standing dive, survival floating, treading and underwater swim.

Level 6 Fish/Flying Fish: Highest level of swim lessons which involves: treading water, practicing all of the different strokes, various dives, survival floating, and underwater swim.