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Pool Hours Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between open swim, lap swim, and adult open swim?

-         Open Swim is the term we use to describe ALL hours the pool is open for our members.

-         Lap Swim is the term used to describe hours our lap pool (aka big pool) is open for lap swim.

-         Adult Open Swim is the term used to describe hours in our small pool (aka the warm pool) is open for adults to swim.

2. Can I still lap swim during Family Swim?

Yes, the lap pool is open to lap swimmers during Family Swim hours, however, families are not expected to accommodate lap swimmers during this time – if they are in the lanes, they have the right of way.

3. How old does my child have to be in order to swim laps?

Children who are in high school (9th-12th) are allowed to join parents during lap swim hours. If not, please bring them during our Family Swim hours to swim in the lap pool.

4. Can I have my own lane?

Lanes during lap swim hours are available on a first come basis. If the pool is full, lap swimmers are asked to share lanes.

5. Can I get in before the scheduled time?

All swimming patrons are asked to wait until the lifeguard on duty lets them in. Sometimes guards may let swimmers in a bit earlier, but this is not required or expected of our guards.

6. Can I swim anytime during the day?

No, swimming patrons are only allowed to swim during the regular guarding times. 

7. Can I swim in the small pool during water therapy?

Unless you are attending water therapy, please come at a later time. The hospital rents the pool time and though it may be a guarded time, it is not a part of the open swim schedule.