Group Fitness Class Descriptions


20/20/20-  20/20/20 is a class designed to meet your cardio, strength, and core needs. We’ll
spend roughly 20 minutes of each (cardio, strength, and core), all set to awesome
music. This class is known as your “One Stop Shop”. For all fitness levels.


Active Older Adult Fitness- Active Older Adult Fitness is designed for active adults ages 55 and older. You will
use weights to tone and strengthen your entire body as well as perform sections of
cardio. Class offers options for sitting. This class is great for active older adults, but is
also great for anyone new to exercise. 

Barre-Barre is a total-body workout that integrates Ballet Technique, Yoga, and Strength.
Students will work to improve posture and alignment, mobility, flexibility, balance,
strength, stability, and metabolic health. This is a strength-based class for all fitness

BODYPUMP- This workout challenges all of your major muscle groups by using the best weight-
room exercises such as squats, presses, lifts and curls. The key to BODYPUMP is THE
REP EFFECT™, a breakthrough in fitness training focusing on high reps with low
weight. This is a strength class for all fitness levels. Beginners are recommended to
start at a lighter weight and arrive 10 minutes early for set up and tips from the
instructor. BODYPUMP classes are held on the northside our GYM.  

Body Sculpt-A great way to define and sculpt lean muscle. This class uses weights to tone and
strengthen your entire body. This is a strength class for all fitness levels. 

Cardio Kick -Cardio Kick combines traditional kickboxing moves with intense intervals for an
unbelievable calorie burn. You’ll have a blast learning hard hitting combos in one of
our most empowering classes. This is a cardio class with options given for beginners
to advanced. 

Group Cycle-Group Cycle involves various cycling drills that offer an exhilarating cardiovascular
workout. A variety of styles and music that you can make your own and have fun all
while challenging yourself with each sprint, climb, or interval. This is a cardio class
with options given for beginners to advanced.

Cycle express is a shortened version of this class, usually around 30 minutes long. 

HIIT -This High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class provides the support of group
motivation to challenge you to work towards your highest potential and unleash
your inner athlete. This is a cardio class with options given for beginners to
advanced. May also include elements of strength training throughout the class. 


Hip Hop Cardio -A dance-fitness based class meant to get your heart rate up, make you sweat, and
have fun. All levels welcome. No dance experience required. This is a cardio, dance-
fitness-based class. This class will be offering on a POP-UP basis.

Line Dancing-Line dance is a form of dance in which memory and execution come together.
Dancers learn basic steps, rhythms and routines choreographed to music, thereby
improving memory and balance. This is a beginner class with little to no impact. Due
to instructor availability, this class is offered in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. See
schedule for offerings.

Pilates Pilates-focuses on core conditioning. Movements concentrate on controlling the
“powerhouse” muscles, from your shoulders to your hips, while toning, firming, and
strengthening your entire body. This is a stretch and core strength-based class for all
fitness levels.

PiYo- PiYo is a mix of Pilates, which focuses on muscle and core building, and yoga, which

focuses on strength and flexibility. This total-body workout is designed to strengthen
small muscles (triceps, shoulders, biceps, calves) and large muscles (hamstrings,
back, chest). This is a strength-based class, sometimes with cardio bursts for all
fitness levels. 


T’ai Chi & QiGong- These body movements work to improve balance, breathing capacity and circulation
while strengthening connective tissue and core muscles. Qigong is called moving
mediation as the practice relaxes the mind, strengthens the body and uplifts the
spirit. T’ai chi styles include tiger form and western style short form. Beginners are
always welcome. This is a mind and body class that focuses on balance for

Tabata-Tabata is a 50-minute class designed with intervals of cardio and strength set to
awesome music.  This is a cardio based class with some elements of strength and
core added in. For all fitness levels with options given for beginners to advanced.

Stretch & Flex  Stretch & Flex is a class based on yoga and Pilates based exercises and stretches that
use primarily your own body's weight and resistance to engage and lengthen
muscles for better rotation and mobility. This is a non-impact type of class that is
mostly done on a mat with bands or blocks. Great before or after other classes to
loosen up and get better flexibility and small muscle/core strength. For all fitness

Yoga Classes -A mind and body class for stretching and relaxation as well as body

awareness. Instructors will talk you through positioning as you learn each stretch
and pose. For all fitness levels with options given for beginners to advanced. Yoga
Express is a shortened yoga class. 

Gentle Yoga-is a beginner yoga class geared towards new yogi’s, all are welcome. 

Family Yoga is for all family members to attend and must each register a spot. Age 5
and up or at instructor discretion. Parents must participate with their kids, it's not a
drop off class. Join your instructor for family, relaxation, fun, and stretching. It is
recommended you bring your own yoga mat. 

Zumba -“Ditch the Workout, Join the Party'' for a fun, joyful class that combines all the
rhythms in Latin music. Zumba applies dance moves from Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue,
Belly Dance, Flamenco, Samba, Reggaeton, Hip Hop, and popular music. For all
fitness levels 

 If you are new to a class or have any questions, please talk to the instructor prior to the start of
the class.

 Classes are held in the Clara Barton Room, Fitness Studio, Gym, or Personal Training/Group
Cycling Studio. Please check the schedule for the location of your class. 

 Reservations are required.

 It is recommended you bring your own mat, water bottle, and sweat towel. 

 Ages 10-15 may attend classes with an adult and OR at instructor discretion. BODYPUMP and
Group Cycle are recommended for age 14 and up OR at parent and/or instructor discretion. 

 Rooms are available for set up 10-15 minutes before the start of your class

 We only cancel classes when absolutely necessary

Questions on our Group Fitness classes, please contact our Fitness & Wellness Director, Jackie Goyette