The Y is a place to make lifelong relationships, find

or give support in times

of need, and have an

impact in our community.

Will you join us?


Join now for just $25 plus monthly or annual membership fee

Benefits are based on membership type- Click on photo for specific membership benefits

Membership rates are approved by the Board of Directors, and are reviewed on an annual basis. With rising costs, we are making a nominal adjustment to membership rates, effective January 1, 2023.  If you have concerns about the rate increase, we invite you to apply for financial assistance.


• Unlimited access to group fitness classes (land and water)

• Member discounts for YMCA programs, camps, childcare and facility rentals

• Use of wellness center, cardio equipment, strength equipment, gym, pool, racquetball courts,

   Family Fun Center, whirlpool, sauna, steam room

• Access to personal trainers (extra fee)

• Entrance to any YMCA in the U.S. that participates in the Nationwide Membership program

• Free health and wellness assessments

• Free equipment orientation Free Teen Weight Room Orientation for youth members 12-15 years old. 

• Complimentary Guest Passes (youth memberships exempt, 5 for adult, 1Adult Family memberships, 10 for 2Adult Family memberships)

• Free on-site sitting service for family memberships

Steps to Join

1) Stop in to fill out our membership agreement or click here to download and fill out before coming in.

2) Come in to finish signing up. Bring a current photo ID.

3) Sign up for a tour, free wellness consultation, fitness assessment and equipment orientation! 

Enhance your Y membership with these optional and convenient add-ons! 

Towel Service

$12/month per member

  • Clean towels will be checked out of a vending machine using your scan card and will be recorded when they are returned to the vending machine.        

  • Nice towel quality! 

  • $10 fee added to  towels not returned within 3 days.                                                                                                        

Coffee Service

$5/month per member

  • Regular and decaf coffee brewed by Unlimited Nutrition Cafe                              

  • Available 5 a.m.- Unlimited Nutrition's staffed hours Monday through Friday. 

  • Unlimited Nutrition's staffed hours are 6:30am-5pm.                       

  • Additional hours may be added in the future.                                                                                                                                                                            


Kit Locker Rental

$8/month per member

  • Store your workout gear and personal items in a secure kit locker in the locker room.                            

  • Lockers available in the men's or women's locker room.                             

  • Locker rooms are only available during staffed hours only. 

24/7 Access

$10/month per unit

  • Access to the Wellness Center, Gymnasium, and racquetball/handball courts during unstaffed hours.              

  • For members 16* and older

  • All YMCA rules and regulations apply during these unstaffed hours.          

  • We encourage you to work out with another member that also has 24/7 access, in case of an emergency

  • Guests are not permitted outside of open hours. Anyone that violates this policy will be charged $10 per
    person, per offense. 


* Members 16-17 with 24/7 Access must have direct adult supervision upon entering, using and exiting the facility. 

Membership Forms

All forms are also available at the front desk