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Kid's Corner



With a family or youth membership, you receive up to two hours of free child care per day, for children ages 6 weeks to 10 years. 

Make a Reservation


You are free to focus on you. 

Go work out. Study for an exam in the lobby. Read a book in the hot tub. It's your time! In Kid's Corner, children play under the supervision of caring, trained YMCA staff. Our staff takes pride in engaging in imaginative play, age appropriate art projects, and games.  

Not able to make it in time for a reservation? 

Make sure to call and cancel! There is a $5 fee per family if you don't call to cancel your reservation. There is also a $5 fee per child for parents who pick up little ones more than 10 minutes past their reservation time.

You can still use Kid's Corner without a family or youth membership! 

For members: $5 per child per day.
For non-members: Free with a $15 one-adult family day pass or a $20 two-adult family day pass.
Limit of one reservation per day

Child Watch Brochure Informacion de Vigilancia Cov Ntaub Ntawv Saib Menyuam



Our priority is keeping our members, staff and our community safe

  • Parents/guardians must remain on site
  • Please use hand sanitizer or wash your child's hands before entering Kids Corner
  • Please have your child use the restroom before dropping them off
  • Please have your child in a clear diaper. We are NOT able to change diapers. Staff will contact you to come change your child's diaper if they need a diaper change before being picked up
  • We do not pick up or carry children who can walk on their own
  • To help reduce the amount of people entering Kids Corner, staff will greet each family at the Kids Corner gate. The same exchange will occur at pick up
  • Toys and equipment are cleaned after each session
  • Please do not bring any food, candy or gum to Kids Corner. You are welcome to use the tables in the lobby before or after playing in Child Watch
  • We use redirection and positive reinforcement techniques in response to inappropriate behavior. If after 15 minutes a child cannot be redirected and is requiring one-on-one staff supervision, or poses a danger to self or others, the parent/guardian will be notified and the child will be asked to leave for the day. Physical aggression, inappropriate language, and disrespectful behavior is not accepted in Child Watch. Continuous negative behavior could result in taking a break from Kids Corner, or termination of Kids Corner services


Our goal is to provide a safe and respectful environment for all of the children in our programs and spaces. We ask that you:

1. Treat everyone with respect, including children, staff, volunteers, members, and guests. 

2. Carefully choose the words you use around children. Refrain from loud and angry voices, rude, crude or threatening remarks. 

3. All concerns and/or complaints that cannot be dealt with by staff should be brought to the department supervisor and should not be addressed in front of the children. 

4. Be respectful of program staff and spaces by not joining the children or participating without staff permission.

Any deviation from the above will result in a warning. A meeting may be held with the concerned parties and appropriate staff. If the parent/guardian's inappropriate behavior continues or escalates, the parent/guardian and their child(ren) will be withdrawn from programming and YMCA services.